Configuring Sales Acceleration Reporting (PREVIEW) Feature in Dynamics 365 CE

  1. “Go to seller experience” feature: a hyperlink option that will quickly navigate you to “Sales Accelerator” work items UI under sales area.
  2. “Sales acceleration reporting” PREVIEW feature: a feature that uses AI to display KPIs and metric charts for all sequences that are related to leads and opportunities over the months.
  1. “Go to seller experience” feature for quick navigation:
  1. Navigate to “Sales Insights setting” –> under “Sales accelerator” –> click on “Setup” –> when you scroll down, you will find “Sales acceleration reporting (preview)” option available.
  • As of now, reporting only works for Lead and Opportunity entity sequences.
  • By default report displays KPI for all sequences (that is Lead and Opportunity) however at any time you can use filtering and can filter the data by sequence. At any time, you can select the “Sequence Name” to filter the data as shown below:





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