Customer Service Historical Analytics Report in Dynamics 365 Customer Service — Part 2

  • CSAT- The average customer satisfaction score based on the Customer Voice survey submitted by the customer.
  • survey sentiment- The average sentiment score based on Customer Voice survey written feedback submitted by the customer.
  • When the case is resolved in Dynamics 365, the customers should receive one feedback form through the survey from where they can send the response.
  • The POWER AUTOMATE (FLOW) configured with the above survey will trigger when the case is resolved. It will send the customer feedback form over email to the Account or Contact (“Customer” field on Case) present on the case record.
  • When case resolved in Dynamics 365;
  • “Alex Wu” customer set on Case receives the email for starting the survey.
  • When “Alex Wu” clicks on the “START SURVEY” button, the survey page opens up.
  • When it is filled and submitted accordingly “Avg. CSAT”, and “Avg. survey sentiment” start displaying on the report.
  • On the timeline of resolved case you can find the “Customer Voice survey invite “ and its corresponding “Customer voice survey response” as shown below:
  • If you open the “Customer voice survey response” record, you can see the “Satisfaction metrics” response where it gets stored:


In this blog, we explored how the data is displayed in “Avg. CSAT” and “Avg. survey sentiment” KPIs. The KPI summary charts are useful to summarize the key performance indicators for the specified period and the percent change over the period. It helps to evaluate performance and business impact and also to identify inefficiencies in providing the service.



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