Get valuable insights into CRM data with new-age smart Data Visualization apps — Kanban Board and Map My Relationships!

  • Easy Configuration across Devices: Kanban Board can be configured for Web, Mobiles, and Tablets for a unified experience. It is quite easy to switch devices from desktops or laptops to tablets or mobiles. This eliminates the mobility issues that cause hindrance to work while switching from one device to another.
  • Visualize Views: Breaking away from the same old grid view, now you can visualize any Dynamics 365 CRM View as lanes and rows just like in a physical Kanban Board. The lanes and rows in the Kanban Board can be easily categorized as per the field values. You can also organize and categorize records of a given entity in Kanban view as per the Business Process Flow defined for that entity. This proves beneficial for tracking the progress of ongoing business projects.
  • Easy Data Analysis: Analyzing data has become much easier with Kanban Board. Sorting records at a global level, filtering data, searching specific records, viewing aggregate values of records in lane or row headers are some of the interesting features of Kanban Board that enable to quickly and swiftly analyze data.
  • User Friendly: Kanban Board comes with simple and effective features such as the drag & drop ability to move cards (records) from one lane to another, create quick activity records, etc. It works in the context of the native Dynamics 365 CRM environment & responds to all native ribbon actions as well as the quick search available for traditional views.
  • 360-degree View of CRM Data: Normal grid view of CRM data is quite difficult to analyze. With Map My Relationships, you get a 360-degree view of entire Relationships & Connections of Dynamic 365 CRM records. This mind map view of relationships and connections makes it easier to reach information-based decisions in the nick of time.
  • Information at a Glance: A quick summary of each record within the relationship map is made available for ready reference. Further, it provides information on associated entity records in N-level relationships and helps to identify different connection roles through the use of different color legends. This eliminates the need to dig around for information and saves valuable time.
  • Analyze Data with ease: The relationship between the records and their associated entity records are made available in a single view. From the number of records, the status of records, the aggregate value of records, etc. everything is available on a single frame which makes it quite easy to analyze data without hopping from one screen to another.
  • Easy Configuration across Devices: Map My Relationships can be configured for Web, Mobiles, and Tablets for a unified experience. This allows great mobility and removes restrictions when it comes to the usage of various devices. Place, time, and device are no hindrance for mapping relationships and connections in Dynamics 365 CRM.



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