New activity dropdown to show only relevant activities in Dynamics 365 CRM

Activity Dropdown to show only relevant activities:

Initially, ‘All activities’ were being displayed in Dynamics 365 CRM irrespective of Model-Driven apps. But this new feature allows us to enable/disable the Activities which are relevant to a particular Model-Driven app.

  • Navigate to one of the model-driven apps. Here we are considering the “Customer Service Hub” app and have opened one of the existing records. In order to access the Activities user will navigate to the related section and click on Activities.
  • Now we can see New Activity dropdown on the ribbon bar to add activity records as shown below:
  • After clicking on the activity dropdown, it will only show activities which are relevant to that app since the Activities feature is set to On.
  • If Activities feature is Off then the activity dropdown will show all the activities irrespective of the model-driven apps as shown in the below screenshots.


By using this new Dynamics 365 CRM feature, users will be able to see relevant Activities which are only relevant to a particular Model-Driven app.



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