Validate FetchXml by using ValidateFetchXmlExpression WebAPI function in the script

var fetchXml = '<fetch version="1.0" output-format="xml-platform" mapping="logical" distinct="false">'+

'<entity name="account">'+

'<attribute name="name" />'+

'<attribute name="testfield" />'+

'<attribute name="primarycontactid" />'+

'<attribute name="accountid" />'+

'<order attribute="name" descending="false" />'+



//variable declartion

var requestUrl = "";

var serverUrl = Xrm.Utility.getGlobalContext().getClientUrl();

//generate Web API request

requestUrl += serverUrl + "/api/data/v9.2/ValidateFetchXmlExpression(FetchXml=@p1)?@p1='"+ fetchXml + "'";

//create ajax request

var jqxhr = $.ajax({

type: "GET",

contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",

datatype: "json",

async: false,

url: requestUrl,

beforeSend: function (xhr) {

//Specifying this header ensures that the results will be returned as JSON.

xhr.setRequestHeader("Accept", "application/json");

xhr.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/json; odata.metadata=minimal");

xhr.setRequestHeader("OData-MaxVersion", "4.0");

xhr.setRequestHeader("OData-Version", "4.0");

xhr.setRequestHeader("Prefer", "odata.include-annotations=*");



//check response of request

if (jqxhr.responseJSON != undefined) {

//get respose in object format

var response = { valid: jqxhr.statusText, data: jqxhr.responseJSON };

//check for error

if (jqxhr.responseJSON.error != undefined) {


} else {

//get actual result with message

var result =;






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